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QA & Testing

We here at Sevina technologies, attempt manual testing and automated testing. It also covers design, planning, execution, defect, etc. We not only just test the product but make sure that the product should fulfill the goal and also fulfill the business requirements. We believe in putting a truly competitive product in the market. Our QA coverage includes an end to end testing, functionality, accessibility, extension options, compatibility, performance, and speed.

IT Consulting

What can we provide in

QA & Testing


IT Consulting

Software QA Automation Testing

We Provide Complete QA automated software testing for Web, mobile Applications product quality and decrease testing times.

IT Strategy & Planning

Software QA Manual Testing

Our expert team of QA will test your web, mobile, r desktop app and find out bugs, detectornfirmompliance with regulatory standards providing you best quality results.

Business Continuity

Software Functional Testing

At sevina we do the advanced level of QA functional testing services that focus on stopping unexpected functional problems and defects to ensure that it meets users' expectations in terms of function.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Software QA Usability Testing

We Create QA usability testing platforms that give usability testing features and UX research methods selected based on the client, focused on measuring how the user is interacting with the Application or website.

Tools We Use For QA & Testing